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“La tête dans les nuages” – Making of

The story La tête dans les nuages a été crée durant un atelier collaboratif, organisé par la réunion des musée nationaux / grand palais. Un WE dédié à inventer des applications avec une version beta de leur API (application programming interface), dans les locaux de Google à Paris. Le déroulement de l’atelier se passe en 4 temps:…

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3D printer @ University – One year later

About a year ago, a 3D Printer has been added to the palette of workshop tools of a university, in the product design department, and incentive for using it has been given in the form of training sessions: one for the 3rd year students, another for their teachers, and the last one for the workshop manager. Following to that kickoff, the 3D printer has been made available…

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Diving into the makers universe

A few days ago someone asked me where they could find more informations me, and on what i do, with examples of my works. I guess that they want to know if i’m a designer. It’s hard to answer. I’ll give it a try, in the form of a timeline Last january, while making breakfast, i started wondering how to make a nicer…

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